Danielle Staub Makes Snide New Year's Resolution For RHONJ

danielle staub real housewives of new jersey
Danielle Staub: She's made new year's resolutions for "RHONJ" cast!

Yikes, with this sort of sour grapes, Danielle Staub’s New Year’s champagne won’t taste very good! The former “Real Housewives of New Jersey” mom of two says she’s made a New Year’s resolution for her former castmates, whom she famously clashed with for two seasons before she was fired (or quit–depends who you ask). So what does she think the “RHONJ” gals should do in the new year?

“Stop being mean girls,” Staub tells “Resolve to be nice to everyone. Period. There is a much better existence.”

But oddly, Staub seems to be the one carrying on the feud with this latest jab, don’t you think?

As for her own resolution, Staub says it’s to get in touch with her “fun side.”

Now what do you think that will mean?


Photo: PR Photos