Real Housewives of New Jersey: Danielle Staub Suing Teresa Giudice and Ashley Holmes


The fallout from the melee we viewed on this past Monday’s episode of Real Housewives of New Jersey continues. It has gone from crazy to crazy and litigious.

Danielle Staub is suing Teresa Giudice and Jaqueline Laurita’s 19 year old daughter Ashley Holmes for physically attacking her. Her attorney, Paul Giblin,  has described the women as having a “gang mentality,” and will be using Bravo’s footage as evidence.

“We are going to use this footage and prepare a case against these women. We are seeking assault and battery charges, defamation of character and punitive damages as well,” he told Hollywood Life.

Teresa did not actually touch Danielle, but instead just chased and screamed and harassed her. Ashley pulled out one of Danielle’s extensions. They were already in court and Ashley was fined  $189, but Danielle is seeking to take things further.

“These things don’t end with paying a fine. We will get restraining orders by the judge against Teresa, Ashley and all others involved. We will subpoena this women to make sure they come to court. We are going to ask to impose sanctions against these women, whatever the law allows.”

If cast members are not allowed within a football fields distance of each other, what will happen to the show? Will Bravo be footing any legal bills? The women acted on their own volition, but reality TV certainly eggs them on to bad behavior. No one was really hurt, (I am sure Danielle’s extension survived), but these things escalate. Should the network take action and remove one of the women involved from the show?