Danielle Staub's Birthday Dance at SCORES. How Would You Feel if This Was Your Mother? (VIDEO)


Danielle Staub won’t be back on The Real Housewives of New Jersey and you have to figure her kids are breathing a sigh of relief. Not only has news of criminal behavior, drugs, prostitution, and other shady business been drudged up and posted all over newspaper and Internet headlines, but she is consistently acting inappropriately on the show.

Her children have to deal with their peers, their peers parents, random strangers on the street, and basically the whole Bravo viewing population knowing the dark and dirty secrets in their mother’s closet. Not to mention that they have to know her dark and dirty secrets!

But even though Danielle won’t be on the show anymore, she’s sure to find new and interesting ways to cause her children to cringe. Working on a music career with possible romantic item Lori Michaels, Danielle performed a hyped of version of their song Real Close during her birthday celebration at NYC strip club Scores last week. Take a look at the video! It’s kind of funny for us, but we feel bad for her kids. I know if this was my mom, I would be upset with her.

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