Dannii Minogue Is Happy and Wants Babies


dannii-minogue-kris-smithDannii Minogue is in love!  She was once married to Julian McMahon, but has since moved on to her current boyfriend Kris Smith.

She says Kris is her soulmate and she wants to start a family with him. Uh, Dannii, you know talking about soulmates and babies is the way to scare a boy off, right?

Danni is bringing Kris home to the family’s holiday celebrations. She’s asked her sister to bring her boyfriend home as well, so Kris doesn’t feel overwhelmed.

Dannii said, “I’m in such an incredible place. I guess at my age I have to start thinking about babies at some time. But to be honest, I’m just enjoying being so wildly in love and being so happy. He is the one. Both of us are in this gorgeous, happy place with two gorgeous guys who are modelling. I hope Andres comes for Christmas – it would take the heat off Kris!”

Good for Dannii!

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