Dannii Minogue May Or May Not Be Pregnant


dannii-minogue-pregnant-rumorDannii Minogue is in the news again. The Sydney Morning Herald reported that Dannii was spotted out with a baby bump earlier this week.

“Dannii thought the time was right to start trying for a baby. The whole family are delighted for her – especially [sister] Kylie, who is so excited about having a little niece or nephew.
“Dannii really doesn’t know what this means in terms of X Factor. The show is the last thing on her mind right now. At present, she’s not even thinking that far ahead. She is over the moon at being pregnant and can’t stop smiling.”

Wouldn’t that be awesome! It would if it were true, alas it’s not.

Dannii’s rep said that the rumor is completely unfounded: “Reports that said she was seen in hospital having a particular type of test are absolutely untrue.”

Hmmm, we’ll have to see what happens. It seems that her boyfriend really wants to have kids, but Dannii says she never really thought about it.

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