Danny McBride Will Be a Daddy! 'Your Highness' Star and Wife Expecting


danny mcbrideDanny McBride and his wife are expecting!  McBride, who stars in Your Highness and his wife Gia Ruiz are going to be parents of a baby boy.

McBride, who also stars in Eastbound and Down dished about fatherhood with Conan O’Brien on Wednesday night’s show.  Danny McBride was a little surprised on how quickly he became a father.  The 34-year-old actor joked with CoCo:

“I got married last October. I wasted zero time three months later I knocked my wife up,”

“I had never impregnated anyone before, so I didn’t really realize what they teach you in health class is actually true that’s all it takes.”

Hello? Danny? Did you miss Health Class in high school? I guess not. Here is Danny McBride’s latest flick, Your Highness. After the jump.

Photo: Your Highness