Daredevil Celebrity Dads


Patrick DempseyPatrick Dempsey, who has a daughter and fraternal twin sons, was spotted practicing yesterday before the Miami Grand Prix.  Dempsey’s passion off-screen — besides his family — is car racing, which would probably make me a nervous wreck if I was his wife.  (Which, unfortunately, I’m not.)  But he’s not the only adrenaline-seeking actor who apparently needs an additional rush on top of being famous. Let’s take a look at some other daredevil celebrity dads.


John Travolta — father to daughter Ella and son Jett who passed away last year — is a pilot, owns jets and flies his family around. But he’s also into a more dangerous type of aircraft  — the Ultralight, the safety of which has raised alarm bells around the world.


When a show is named “Jesse James is a Dead Man” you know he’s a daredevil. James, married to Sandra Bullock and father of three from previous relationships, delights in death-defying feats, including riding a bazooka-equipped bike toward a brick wall and driving a monster truck over a house. Maybe he’ll skydive without a parachute onto the Academy Awards red carpet tomorrow night when Bullock is up for best actress in “The Blind Side?”


Recently engaged father of six Lorenzo Lamas is a veteran motorcycle jumper, even performing a dangerous stunt on a show called “Celebrity Daredevils” in 2002.  He launched his own motorcycle company, Lorenzo Lamas Cycles, last year. You’d think getting married for the fifth time would be daring enough…

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