Darren Criss: Glee Kurt and Blaine Kiss Behind the Scenes (Video)

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Darren Criss talks about Glee kiss!

Darren Criss is the hottie of the moment. Twitter exploded with “THEY KISSED” last night after Glee’s Kurt and Blaine kiss – Klaine? (Burt?) shared a sweet kiss and Gleeks fell in love with Darren Criss even more.

Watch this Glee behind-the-scenes video about the highly anticipated kiss – and the “Original Song” episode… at about 1:30 on the video, we get a replay of Blaine’s reaction to Kurt singing “Blackbird” So cute!

“Blaine is so moved by when Kurt sings Blackbird that he realizes that he does have feelings for Kurt,” Chris Colfer explains.

And just before moving in for a kiss, Blaine says, “You move me, Kurt”… sigh.

Colfer said he wasn’t too nervous about the kiss, but after the first take thought, “Damn, Darren… I need a cigarette now!”

Chris talks about the doing the kiss over and again at different angles

Darren Criss joins in as Chris is describing the kiss, and Colfer jokes, “You never called me after.”

Criss says, “I’m embarrassed, I’ve been put on the spot,” and later adds, “Like many relationships, I think I’m just gonna… run away.”

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