Darren Criss Talks Glee Kiss: Kurt and Blaine's First Kiss (Video)

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Darren Criss talks about Glee kiss (video)

Glee’s Darren Criss is dreamy. There. I said it. And Kurt and Blaine’s first kiss couldn’t have been sweeter on the Glee season 2 episode 16 “Original Song.”

Watch Darren Criss in this video clip, where he talks about his character, Blaine, and how he explored a kiss with Rachel in the last episode.

Of course, we know that didn’t work out… and Gleeks are happy for it because it opened up Blaine’s feelings about Kurt.

And then… they kissed.

Darren Criss talks about the support from the gay community and other Glee fans.

Criss also teases the regional episode that we saw tonight, but didn’t reveal that Blaine and Kurt kiss.

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