Darth Vader Commercial: Max Page, Kid in Darth Vader Super Bowl Ad (Video)

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Darth Vader kid Max Page (video)

The Darth Vader Super Bowl commercial was among the best of the Super Bowl ads… and now we get to see the Darth Vader kid’s true identity! Meet Max Page in this video clip!

One of the biggest stars of the Super Bowl was Max Page, the 6-year-old who dressed as Darth Vader in the Super Bowl 2011 commercial.

In this Today show video clip, we see more of Volkswagen’s cute Darth Vader using the force around the studio, and then Max removes his mask to talk more about landing the gig – his first national commercial.

Max Page’s mom explains his first audition, getting the job, and that they didn’t know until halfway through the first day of shooting that it was a Super Bowl ad!

Max has never even seen Star Wars, but he was a convincing Vader, don’t you think?

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