Dave Grohl Takes A Stroll



Foo Fighter Dave Grohl, wife Jordyn Blum, and their two daughters: newborn Harper Willow and Violet Maye, 3, were snapped by the paps over the weekend as they enjoyed the sights and smells of LA. No one pulls off a stroller and a diaper bag like DG.

It looks like Dave has gotten pretty comfortable with his role as rock star dad here; like he’s found his parenting niche.

It’s alway fun to see rock stars — in this case, a veteran of both Nirvana and the Foo Fighters — transition into parenting mode. Something about it is so, un-rock star-like… similar to what Gwen Stefani was hinting at.

After 3 years, Dave’s found a way to balance his scruffy rocker style with his dad look. I especially like the contrast between Jordyn’s flowery stroller and Dave’s plain black stroller and nonchalant diaper bag/backpack.

I wonder if Dave ever pushes the flowery one, or if they each have their own strollers?