Dave Matthews Bands And His Family Together In New York City


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Dave Matthews & Family Hit The Streets Of NYC!

Dave Matthews was spotted walking the streets of New York City with his family on Friday (April 15) after performing at the Blue Man Theater Group in Manhattan on Tuesday (April 12).

The musician and his wife Ashley Harper, nine-year-old twin daughters Stella and Grace Anne, and son, August, 3, put on some heavy coats for the oddly cold weather at this time of year.

As part of the Dave Matthews Band 20th anniversary, the band reunited for a special show during the benefit concert at the Blue Man Theater Group.

Blue Man Group holds special meaning for Dave. “I saw them in 1992, or ‘93 in that theater,” he told Rolling Stone. “I saw them with my then-girlfriend who’s now my wife. It was a pretty transformative night. It blew my mind.”

What’s your favorite Dave Matthews Band memory?

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