Dave Price Leaves Early Show: Dave Price, Harry Smith Fired (Watch Goodbye Video)

dave price early show fired harry smith goodbye video
Watch Dave Price's Early Show goodbye video

Dave Price leaves the Early Show… watch Dave Price’s Early Show goodbye in this video clip, where he has some very kind words for Harry Smith.

Dave Price, Maggie Rodriguez and Harry Smith were fired from the Early Show to make way for new anchors.

Today Dave Price announced he was leaving – his last day on the Early Show – and he gets pretty choked up while talking about his experience on the morning program, but spoke kindly of everyone he’s worked with, including one Mr. Harry Smith.

Of Harry Smith, Dave Price says, “I am blessed to have learned from you and witnessed you as a journalist, but I’m more happy to call you a friend.”

“I love you, Harry Smith,” Price says.

Dang it, now I’m weeping!

He said, “I won’t lie… I’m heartbroken to be leaving,” and says he’ll miss it.

What do you think of Dave Price and Harry Smith leaving The Early Show?