Dave Winfield Talks About Family


Dave Winfield, who played for the New York Yankees for 10 years, made headlines when organizer George Steinbrenner–who just passed away due to a massive heart attack–signed him to his large contract. Winfield, who is now the Executive Vice President/Senior Advisor of the San Diego Padres and an analyst for ESPN’s Baseball Tonight, recently discussed the memories of his last All-Star Game and the touching experience it was for him and his family.

Winfield described to ESPN his memories of his mother, who was suffering from breast cancer at the time, supporting him at the game, which was one of her last outings:“From her wheelchair–she always had a smile on her face–she gave me a big hug afterwards,” Winfield said. “Just knowing I did well, but it really wasn’t about that. It was about her sharing those moments with her son.”

Winfield shared that it was a very emotional day, knowing there would be some “finality after that.” He admits he remembers more about his mom being at the game, than the game itself, noting he doesn’t even remember who won the game–and definitely doesn’t remember any other details of the event.