David And Victoria Beckham Are Trying To Produce An Olympic Baby

Go for the Gold!

Talk about doing it for your country! Or even better yet, going for the gold!

Rumor has it that Britain’s hottest celebrity commodity, David and Victoria Beckham are trying for baby number five while in London and during the Olympics. Yes, baby-making is a sport, people. And no, you wouldn’t want to get a silver or bronze medal in that category, LOL. Here’s what we’re reading for Star Magazine:

“Both Victoria and David are very patriotic and would love it if she got pregnant while they are in London for the Olympics, especially as it is also the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee year.”

“Their other children were conceived overseas, so the duo are hoping that their final child will have a Made In Britain tag.”

“Brooklyn was famously named after where he was conceived in New York.”

“And Victoria has joked that if she gets pregnant with a boy during the Olympics they are going to call him Stratford.”

Tell us, what do you think of the names Stratford and Elizabeth? Also, to have that “Made in Britain” tag is pretty cute, isn’t it? David, do it for the team!