David and Victoria Beckham Make Their Kids Top Priority


David and Victoria Beckham may both have busy careers, but they definitely have their priorities straight in life.  No matter how hectic their lives may get, David says that the number one most important thing to he and Victoria are their three sons.

When asked at the Teen Choice Awards how he and Victoria manage to balance it all, David said that they make it work by making time for each other. He also added that ,”We work hard as individuals, but our main job is being parents to our boys. Our boys are our lives. Our number one priority is our boys, but we make time for ourselves and go to dinners and romantic weekends. You know, you make it work.”

I bet it’s pretty cool to have the ultimate soccer dad as a parent. He and his boys must have the best time together!

If David doesn’t already have you drooling over what an amazing and devoted father he is, wait until you hear him gush about wife, Victoria.

He described the Spice Girl as “an amazing mother” and said, “When you see a woman growing as a person with children and becoming an amazing person with her children, that is one of the most attractive things about Victoria and any woman.”

Sounds like Mrs. Beckham is one lucky lady!

Photo: PRPhotos