David and Victoria Beckham Try to Even Out the Odds in Their Home

victoria beckham
David Beckham shows off his family's latest edition

The Beckham household is overwhelmingly male. Victoria Beckham is finally getting her little girl, after having three boys. She might have gone a little overboard with all the pink at her baby shower because she was so excited.

But, adding just one girl to the Beckham family was not enough! Over the weekend, they added another!

Scarlett is the Beckham’s new French Bulldog puppy, giving their other dog, Coco, a sister! Such adorable puppy cuteness! Though, with three boys, a dog, and a baby girl on the way, I think the last thing I would do is to add a puppy to the mix!

Then again, it would be hard to resist that little puppy face! I wonder if the Beckham boys are more excited about a new puppy in the family than they are about a baby sister!

david beckham
Scarlett, the Beckham's new puppy

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Photos: Twitter

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