David Arquette Brags About Hookup With Jasmine Waltz On Howard Stern Show

David Arquette
David Arquette Brags About Jasmine Waltz To Howard Stern

Just when the Courtney Cox and David Arquette split seemed pretty amicable and respectful for Hollywood standards, the actor had to go and call into the Howard Stern show and admit that he indeed hooked up with waitress, Jasmine Waltz.

David insinuated that things between him and Jasmine were not serious, but said, “I did have sex with her one time, maybe twice… my sexual encounter made me pretty feel manly.”

It made him feel pretty manly? The fact that he cheated on his wife and then bragged about it to Howard Stern made him feel pretty manly? What is wrong with this dude? Doesn’t he realize that his daughter will have to hear about this someday?

Arquette did admit that part of the terms of his separation from Courtney was that they were allowed to see other people, and he believes she had an “emotional affair” with her co-star, Brain Van Holt.

I’m assuming that boasting about his intimate encounter with Jasmine Waltz on a live radio show wasn’t part of the deal.

Run Courtney…you’re better off without him!

Photo: Pacific Coast News