David Arquette on Howard Stern: He Can Forget About Reconciling With Courtney Cox

courtney cox and david arquette
David Arquette on Howard Stern: Killed any chances of reconciliation?

Your gorgeous TV star wife has just dumped you for being immature, telling you she doesn’t want to be your mother anymore. Do you a) mourn the end of your marriage with a good private cry; b) go to a bar with a few friends to drown your woes in beer; or c) prove your wife exactly right by going on Howard Stern’s show and discussing your sex life. If you are Courtney Cox’s husband David Arquette, the answer is C, and unfortunately this means he fails the “Can You Still Reconcile With Your Wife” test.

Everyone’s entitled to some sour grapes upon the end of their marriage, but this seems like especially bizarre behavior for a guy who spent half the interview saying what an amazing person soon-to-be ex Cox is. If he really wanted to win her back, perhaps he should have refrained from discussing the last time they had sex (four months ago, for the record, and not winning him any points in the whole maturity column).

Further, by bragging about his dalliance with Jasmine Waltz, aka the girl who hit Lindsay Lohan (not underservedly, we’d guess), Arquette pretty much eliminated any chance of reconciling with Cox.

And he won’t be winning any dad of the year awards anytime soon let’s just hope little Coco doesn’t have a Sirius XM Radio, because hearing your dad spout that stuff on national radio? Well, it’s just embarrassing.


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