David Arquette Tells Howard Stern All About His "Mommy Issues"


david arquette on howard sternDavid Arquette has long been known for his childish antics and childlike behavior both in the roles he takes in his personal life.  Apparently Courteney Cox has grown tired of taking care of this grown up child and is looking for David to finally grow up!

Following the news that the couple had decided to separate following 11 years of marriage, David decided to open up to Howard Stern and give hime the scoop on the breakup.  According to Arquette, the key issue that tore the couple appart was his immaturity.

“She’s the greatest woman I’ve ever met,” he said.  “She tries to take on everybody’s problem. She tries to be the mother to everyone that’s why she doesn’t want to be the mother to me anymore.”

For her part, Courteney is facing many of the issues of many over-achievers wanting to please everyone else at the expense of herself.  While David did a bit of over-sharing about their intimate life with Stern, Arquette was open about his love of his wife and their family. 

“I’m heartbroken,” David said the separation. “I’m not the one who called this separation in order…we’re still in love with each, we’re still best friends.”

Maybe calling him out on his immaturity will do the trip and finally get David Arquette to grow up.  Courteney already has her hands full raising one child – daughter Coco, 6!