David Beckham and a Parenting Double Standard

David Beckham daughter
Proud father David Beckham

David and Victoria Beckham recently welcomed their fourth child, Harper Seven.  But, life has to go back to business as usual at some point, right?

Yesterday, David Beckham had to play in the MLS All-Stars vs. Manchester United game at Red Bull Arena in New Jersey. “We have been so lucky with her, and it was hard leaving them all the other day,” he said. “It’s always hard leaving my family. Having a two-week-old daughter and leaving her, and leaving the boys and [wife] Victoria, it was difficult. I can’t wait to get back and to hold her and kiss her.”

And yet, we kind of smile and nod and agree that yes, Daddy has to go back to work and leave the baby at some point. But, we aren’t always as forgiving of moms.

I’ll admit, I judged Ivanka Trump when she was still pregnant and planning business meetings for two weeks after her due date. And when she headed into the office when her daughter was just over a week old and felt separation anxiety, I practically sneered. Because I knew that she’d feel that way, leaving her baby so soon.

Whoa, judgmental me. Especially considering I didn’t think much of David Beckham heading back to work. Total double standard.  But, that seems to be the way that a lot of moms think, too.

Now that I’m aware of it, I’ll try to cut a mama a little more slack. Will you?

Photo: PCN