David Beckham as the Easter Bunny! Victoria Beckham Tweets Bunny Photos

David Beckham Easter Bunny photo
David Beckham Easter Bunny photo

What a great dad! Check out David Beckham dressed as the Easter Bunny, making the Easter holiday just a bit more special for his three boys and pregnant wife.

Victoria Beckham shared the photos of David Beckham as the Easter Bunny with her Twitter fans, teasing that they had a big day planned.

David and Victoria’s three boys, Brooklyn, 12, Romeo, 9, and Cruz, 6, no doubt got a big surprise from dear old dad in full bunny costume!

Victoria took to Twitter on April 22 to share, “I love Easter!!!!! so excited!!  been shopping for lots of eggs for the boys!!! my favorite time of the year x vb,” then asked what her fans had planned for the holiday.

Beckham tweeted, “We are planning a big Easter egg hunt!!! Don’t know who enjoys it the most, me, David or the boys!!!!!x vb”

On Easter, Victoria Beckham shared a couple of pics of David in his bunny outfit, tweeting: “Guess who! X vb.”

Too cute! Have you ever put on a costume to help your kids get in the holiday spirit?

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