David Beckham Detained At LAX For 3 Hours


david-victoria-beckham-family-275x300David and Victoria are apparently still in love with LA, even though they’re not getting a lot of new reasons to keep feeling all warm inside … at least, David’s not. On his way home from a London soccer match last week, David was held up for 3 hours at LAX while security officials meticulously searched his 12 bags.

After being detained for 3 hours, David was apparently genuinely losing it, good thing the boys weren’t there to see David’s super-angry face. Says a source:

“David wasn’t pleased. He ranted at airport security. He even asked his handlers to do something but there was nothing they could do.”

After a 10 hour flight to get back and see your family, I can’t really imagine how you could keep it together without some strong sedatives. Props to David for not completely losing his cool and doing something he’d regret.

It’s one thing to get held up and strip searched when you’re waiting to board a flight. It’s quite another to get held up for 3 hours after touching down in your own city on your way home. Sheesh.

Welcome back, Becks!