David Beckham Is Not Just a Gorgeous Hunk of Meat



I’m not a huge fan of David Beckham’s, except for when his privates are the size of a two-story building. But I have to admit it is nice to hear him talk about his kids.

The soccer star, who has been living in Italy while on loan to soccer club AC Milan, talks about how difficult it was being away from sons Brooklyn, 10, Romeo, 6, and Cruz, 4, while they were living with wife Victoria in L.A.  Beckham is back with his family now, but says he often went for as long as eight weeks without seeing his children.

“Everyone knows how I am about my boys and how I am as a father,” he says. “I try to block it out because it kills me. I know it’s not forever. But in children’s minds, a day is forever.”

And how did Victoria take the long separations? “She knows the reasons I wanted to do it, and she knows how passionate I am,” he said in an interview. “Of course, she protests. Every wife protests about certain things. We’ll have been married 10 years in July, so we know each other and how passionate we are.”

Damn you David Beckham for making me see that you aren’t just big pice of beefcake eye-candy. Damn you!