David Beckham Keeps Kids in LA For A "Normal" Life


SPL135486_003It’s hard to imagine Hollywood being a place you stay for the sake of your children, but David Beckham says that living in LA will give his three sons a more normal life.

David Beckham says that “LA is amazing for what Victoria and I want, for our children to have the most normal upbringing.”

Apparently the craziness of Los Angeles is mild compared to life in England.  The LA Galaxy star says that his family will remain living in Beverly Hills because it’s the only place where his kids won’t get hassled at school.  “The other kids know who they are, but it’s not like in other schools, where kids are taking pictures and asking for autographs.”

Maybe Beverly Hills students are simply used to classmates with celebrity parents.  Or maybe the Beckham boys are benefiting from soccer being a bigger deal everywhere but the United States.

Whatever the reason, David and Victoria Beckham are staying put in the US for now.  According to David, they’ve already been here long enough for the kids to start talking like Americans.

“They’ve got American accents, which is weird.”

I’d venture to guess that they have Californian accents, which is, indeed, a little weird.