David Beckham: Shirtless, Mustached & Awesome (Photos)

David Beckham Shirtless - Yes, You Are Welcome

The uber-famous footballer, dad, icon and all around hottie David Beckham continued his wrath of awesomeness this weekend. Beckham led his team the LA Galaxy  – in a 3-0 victory against the Vancouver White Caps at the Home Depot Centre in Los Angeles.

The LA Galaxy and David Beckham aren’t the only winners, we are too, because after his victory Beckham took his shirt off. Yes, a gift to us all.

Check out photos here of David Beckham’s new “interesting” facial hair, his on field action and of his sons cheering him on in the stands.


  • Facial Hair 1 of 6
    Facial Hair
    Some interesting old school looking facial hair on David Beckham.
  • The Team 2 of 6
    The Team
    Standing proud with his teammates like Robbie Keane.
  • Getting it Done 3 of 6
    Getting it Done
    Beckham in action.
  • Shirtless 4 of 6
    Yes, you are welcome.
  • Kids 5 of 6
    David's kids cheer on dad!
  • Candy 6 of 6
    And they have a great big bag of candy to keep them busy.


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