David Beckham Shows Off His Boys, Briefs On Ellen (Video)


beckham-and-sonsIt’s one thing to show off you sons, it’s another to show off your boys (as Seinfeld’s Kramer calls them). Thankfully, David Beckham kept his pants on for the most part during a his interview with Ellen this week, because Victoria and his sons were in the audience.

During the interview, David discussed how much his boys like living in the US and how they’ve even developed American accents over the last couple of years in LA. Judging from that, the rumors that the Beckhams are going to move back to London seem pretty unlikely.

The brief moment came when David was explaining the anniversary tattoo that he got for his and Victoria’s 10-year wedding anniversary. Ellen asked if he’d ever considered getting a tattoo of her face on his body. Then he shows off his “Ellen” briefs.

Of course, the whole line of questioning is just a cornball gag so David can show off his underwear. Seriously, does this dude actually like posing in his undies?

I guess being a sex symbol isn’t exactly something that you have control over, but I wouldn’t want to cater to that image by flashing my boxers on command. That’s just me. Maybe he lost a bet with Ellen or something.