David Boreanaz Cheated on Pregnant Wife With Tiger's Mistress?


I don’t know what is in the water these days in Hollywood, but another week brings another revelation of infidelity. This time, its actor David Boreanaz, who has admitted to cheating on his wife of nearly 9 years, Jaime Bergman. The Bones star and his wife have two kids, son Jaden, 8, and infant daughter Bardot, who is just eight months old.

I feel terrible for anyone who comes to the awful realization that their spouse is cheating on them. But for it to come to light while you are at home with your 8-month old? Wow. That basically means that either while they were trying to get pregnant, during the pregnancy, or after the baby was born–or God forbid, all three–he was seeing another woman.

But while this story is both sad and unfortunate, the crazy part is in who is alleged mistress was–and how the affair came to light.Boreanaz tells People that he is going public with the affair because his former mistress hired an attorney and threatened to expose him. The actor explained that he had an affair and that the woman he had seen asked him for money, and he felt as if he was being “blackmailed” or subject to “some kind of extortion”.

The attorney who contacted Boreanaz was none other than Gloria Allred, who represented Rachel Uchitel, the Manhattan woman who was one of the more prominent mistresses in the Tiger Woods scandal.

So who is this mystery woman? TMZ is saying it is not Uchitel. Radaronline is saying that it is Uchitel. Who to believe? Could it be one of the other women in Tiger’s life?

Stay tuned.

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Edited to add radaronline detail about Uchitel.