David Boreanaz Says I'm Sorry With $30,000 Present. Is That Enough?


Let’s put aside all scruples and sense of decency for a moment and try and come up with a number that would match the emotional cost of learning the love of your life had cheated on you. Is $30,000 really enough when you are a Hollywood player? David Boreanaz, who probably makes around or more than that for an episode of Bones, has set that as his “Please Forgive Me Price.” And he had not one, but two affairs, making each infidelity worth only about $15,000.

Cheap b*stard.

But seriously, why do men feel like they can buy their way out of situations like this? David gift wrapped his apology in a Cartier box and gave his wife Jamie Bergman a $30,000 diamond and gold “love” bracelet!

“David’s been doing whatever he can to try and make it up to Jaime,” a friend of of his tells In Touch. “He knows that he can’t buy his way out of this one, but he’s still trying to spoil her with gifts.”

Thus far, the couple is remaining together though this probably has more to do with love and their son Jaden than jewelry.

Do you think she should forgive him?


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