David Burtka: He Has Another Set Of Twins Other Than With Neil Patrick Harris

David Burtka Neil Patrick Harris
David Burtka Has Another Set Of Twins

Neil Patrick Harris and his partner, David Burtka, just became the parents of twins. Babies Gideon Scott and Harper Grace were born on October 12th, and Neil and David couldn’t be happier with the new little members of their family.

Neil and David used the Growing Generations agency to find a surrogate to carry their twins, and apparently the agency came highly recommended by Burtka. That’s probably because it’s the same company he used to find a surrogate for his first set of twins who were born in 2000.

David Burtka’s first set of twins were also a boy and a girl, named Javin and Flynn. He had the twins with then partner, Lane Janger, who is a producer. Sadly, Burtka rarely sees his other children anymore. They live with their other dad, Janger, and now David has moved on to his new partner, and new family with Neil Patrick Harris.

He supposedly still talks to his kids on the phone and does send them birthday gifts, but it sounds like that’s about the extent of it.

Let’s hope he is a more doting father to his new twins with Neil Patrick Harris!

Photo: PRPhotos