David Cassidy: The Cry Baby of Celebrity Apprentice?

celebrity apprentice 2011 david cassidy
David Cassidy on Celebrity Apprentice 2011

If you watched Sunday night’s Celebrity Apprentice premiere, you might have thought that Richard Hatch would be the first fired. His whole team wanted him gone. Even Trump admitted to not liking him much.

But, Richard Hatch brought David Cassidy into the board room with him. And David Cassidy proceded to whine.

David Cassidy said that Richard Hatch pushed him, that he’s disrespectful, jealous, and a liar.  Along with being a control freak and egomaniac. Okay, well, we all watched Survivor, we KNOW these things about Richard Hatch.

What did David Cassidy really accomplish on Celebrity Apprentice? Aside from getting his Gossip Girl daughter to show up during the pizza challenge, not much.

I think Donald Trump was right to fire David Cassidy, do you?