David Duchovny Talks About His Family Road Trip


david-duchovny-320A year after his infamous trip to sex rehab and the near demise of his marriage to Tea Leoni, David Duchovny says “everything is great” with his family, thanks in part to a cross-country family vacation with his kids: Madeline West, 10 and Kyd Miller.

During an interview with People from the Toronto Film Festival, David revealed his favorite part about the Duchovny-Leoni family road trip:

“Just being with my kids and watching them open up… Just watching them relate to new people and new experiences it’s just great seeing them as little people.”

The director for Duchovny’s latest flick, The Joneses, can affirm the degree to which David has become a total family man. Says director Derrick Borte:

“I’d go visit him in his trailer and one of them is hiding in the cabinets in there and they’re running around… climbing all over him.”


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