David Hasselhoff Eliminated on Dancing with the Stars: Which Other Stars Were First to Go Home in Past Seasons?

David Hasselhoff on Dancing with the Stars
David Hasselhoff the first to go on Season 11 of DWTS

David Hasselhoff was the first celebrity to get sent home on Season 11 of Dancing with the Stars. I would imagine when one signs on to DWTS, one just prays not to be the first to be voted off. I mean, slightly embarrassing, right? Well, someone has to go home first. And 10 other celebrities have lived to tell about it. Following is a list of the illustrious club of stars who were sent packing first. (And although they were technically deemed “stars” by ABC, I note WHY they are in fact famous in case you never heard of them, which trust me, several you never have.)

Season 1: Trista Rehn, the very first Bachelorette

Season 2: Kenny Mayne, ESPN anchor

Season 3: Tucker Carlson, Political broadcaster

Season 4: Paulina Porizkova, Supermodel

Season 5: Josie Maran, Actress

Season 6: Penn Jillette, Magician

Season 7: Jeffery Ross, Comedian

Season 8: Belinda Carlisle, Singer/Go-Gos

Season 9: Ashley Hamilton, Actor

Season 10: Shannen Doherty

Interestingly, the celebs voted off first in Season 9 and Season 10, Ashley Hamilton and Shannen Doherty, were married in the early 90s for like 20 minutes. Kind of sad if it wasn’t sort of funny.

But back to Hasselhoff. The good news is he was an incredibly gracious sport about the whole thing and his two daughters were there to cheer him on and say how proud they were of their dad. So let’s not hassle The Hoff about this defeat. I’m actually kind of misty about it for a reason I can’t yet fathom. Long live The Hoff!