David Hasselhoff Taken To The Hospital By Daughter, Admitted For Binge Drinking


David Hasselhoff just can’t seem to keep it together or keep away from the bottle. Everyone remembers the video of him shirtless, lying on the floor struggling to eat a cheeseburger. It was filmed by his desperate daughter Taylor Ann who can be heard on film saying “Dad, you need to promise me you’re not gonna get alcohol tonight, OK?”  to finally make him realize he needed help. It got leaked to the press, ruined his reputation, and ultimately did not make him quit.

The Baywatch star has been hospitalized five times over the years for binge drinking-related problems and was once again admitted this weekend. His daughter Hayley, 17, took him to the hospital after she found that he’d been drinking for three days straight.

The Hoff has denied his alcohol problem and in the messy divorce from his ex wife, Pamela, retains full custody of their two kids.

Just how bad a parent does this woman have to be when a half clothed fast food eating drunk gets the right to the kids?  Pretty bad. Pamela was recently in jail for her second DUI.

So the girls have two parents with alcohol problems to contend with. It doesn’t get any sadder.  “It’s a tough situation for that family,” a source tells “The parents have problems and don’t get along. There’s a lot of denial going on and the kids are suffering because of it.”

We hope both David and his ex wife get help and that Taylor Ann and Hayley are entered in to National Association for Children of Alcoholics program. 

At this point, David’s  lost his wife, been publicly humiliated, had his daughters beg for him to stop, and likely lost all sense of dignity so you have to wonder what it’s going to take to get him to finally sober up.