David Rabe - 5 Things About Jill Clayburgh's Husband


david rabeWhen actress Jill Clayburgh passed away yesterday at the age of 66 she left behind her husband of 21 years David Rabe.   The playwright and screenwriter has created some of the most iconic plays about Vietnam and Hollywood in his professional life, but in private he has taken on a quiet life on a sixteen-acre estate in Northeastern Connecticut. 

Who is David Rabe?  Here’s what we know about the writer…. 

Playwright.  As a young man, Rabe spent eleven months serving in Vietnam, an experience that would forever impact his writing.    His best known works includes a trilogy of plays based on his experience as an Army draftee in Vietnam – Sticks and Bones,The Basic Training of Pavlo Hummel, and Streamers.    Another favorite subject of his plays includes his own disillusionment with Hollywood which was documented in the plays Hurlyburly and Those the River Keeps.

Screenwriter.  In addition to his works on stage, David Rabe has also written several Hollywood screenplays including Hurlyburly, Casualties of War and The Firm.

Husband.  David Rabe has been married twice.    He was married to actress Jilly Clayburg from 1978 until her death yesterday.

Father.  Clayburgh and Rabe had two children during their marriage – daughter actress Lily Rabe and son Michael Rabe.  He has one son, Jason Rabe, from his first marriage.

Novelist.  Independent of his theater and film work, David Rabe has written two novels – A Primitive Heart in 2005 and Dinosaurs on the Roof in 2008.

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