David, Victoria Beckham Baby Girl's Name Harper Seven: Seinfeld Reference?

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David and Victoria Beckham baby name: Harper Seven

David and Victoria Beckham announced their baby name and Seinfeld fans couldn’t help but zero in on the middle name: Harper Seven Beckham.

Yeah, yeah, I realize that seven is the number that David Beckham wore when he played for Manchester United, but if you recall, Seinfeld’s George Costanza wanted to name his future kid Seven pretty badly.

George was fond of the name Seven because it was Mickey Mantle’s jersey number and girlfriend Susan wasn’t having any of it, though she did share the name with a cousin due to have a baby… and the couple decide to use the name!

Naturally, silliness ensues, as George is outraged over someone else taking his original name, following them to the hospital and offering up alternate name ideas: Six, Soda, Nine, Thirteen and Fourteen.

In the end, he loses the name Seven, though he begs, “Please! I have so little!”

What do you think of David and Victoria’s choice in baby names? Guess the Beckhams decided not to go with a Beatles-inspired name, as was previously rumored.

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