'Dawson's Creek' Then and Now: Cast Down For A Reunion Movie (Photos)


dawson's creek
The cast of 'Dawson's Creek.'

I don’t want to wait… for our lives to be over…

Warning: You  may be singing the tune to Dawson’s Creek for the entire week after reading this.

Michelle Williams, who infamously played Jen Lindley on the long-running WB series (1998-2003), recently admitted that she’d be down for filming a follow-up with the rest of the crew!

I know what you’re thinking. “Wait, didn’t she die in the series finale?” Who cares! This is beyond words.

When hearing that James Van Der Beek was interested in making a new installment, she quickly reacted, “He has my email! He has my home phone and my cell phone, so we talk.”

Added Williams, “[James] could totally ask! I’ve always said, I’m totally up for reunion tours, reunion shows, so we can do that.”

Last fall, while appearing on Good Morning America, Katie Holmes showed interest in a reunion as well. “It would be fun,” Holmes told host Robin Roberts. “I had so much fun working on that show and I loved everyone so much and I think about it with such fond memories.”

Now all we need is Joshua Jackson’s approval! Or maybe Jen and Pacey switched bodies! That could work, no?

In light of this exciting news, take a look below at James, Michelle, Katie, and Joshua from then to now! Most cast members gone off and become A-list actors with new television shows, movie roles, and Academy Award nominations. But most importantly, many have become parents. I wonder how long it’ll be before Katie and Michelle let Suri Cruise and Matilda Ledger watch Dawson’s Creek. What do you think?

  • Dawson’s Infamous Sweater Vest! 1 of 16
    Dawson's Infamous Sweater Vest!
    Ah, remember sweater vests. They were so trendy, yet so embarrassing.
    Image Via: Dawson's Creek Official Website.
  • Always Unbuttoned 2 of 16
    Always Unbuttoned
    And Dawon's infamous flannels! Dawson's wardrobe featured a whole slew of these things and they were always worn unbuttoned!
    Image Via: Dawson's Creek Official Website.
  • Back In Action 3 of 16
    Back In Action
    James now stars in a new ABC hit comedy, 'Don't Trust the B-- In Apt. 23.' It's a pure gem and you don't want to miss it!
    Image Via: ABC.
  • Doting Dad 4 of 16
    Doting Dad
    James is also a dad of two with wife Kimberly Van Der Beek. A daughter, Olivia (pictured) was born in 2010, while his son Joshua was born on March 13, 2012.
    Image Via: Twitter
  • Rockin’ the Corduroys 5 of 16
    Rockin' the Corduroys
    Corduroys were a hit of the 90s. Although, we use the term "hit" very loosely.
    Image Via: Dawson's Creek Official Website.
  • Hair Needs Emergency Care 6 of 16
    Hair Needs Emergency Care
    Katie's cropped hair needed a major makeover!
    Image Via: Dawson's Creek Official Website.
  • Power Couple 7 of 16
    Power Couple
    Now, Katie is in a high profile A-list relationship with husband Tom Cruise.
    Image Via: PR Photos.
  • Fame Monster 8 of 16
    Fame Monster
    Katie also has a daughter Suri Cruise, and this is what an average day in Katie's life looks like.
    Image Via: Pacific Coast News
  • Pure Beauty 9 of 16
    Pure Beauty
    Michelle looks so young in this promotional shot for 'Dawson's Creek.'
    Image Via: Dawson's Creek Official Website.
  • Hair Loss 10 of 16
    Hair Loss
    Hey, how come 'Dawson's' didn't have a clause in their contract forbidding hair getting chopped off a la 'Felicity'?
    Image Via: Dawson's Creek Official Website.
  • Doting Mommy 11 of 16
    Doting Mommy
    Now, Michelle is an A-list star with a daughter, Matilda! Matilda's father is the late Heath Ledger.
    Image Via: Pacific Coast News
  • Academy Award Nominee 12 of 16
    Academy Award Nominee
    Michelle has been nominated for several major acting awards including a few Academy Awards.
    Image Via: Pacific Coast News
  • Bowling Shirts 13 of 16
    Bowling Shirts
    Joshua Jackson was arguably one of the best looking in the series. But his wardrobe could have used a bit of help!
    Image Via: Dawson's Creek Official Website.
  • Sultry Eyes 14 of 16
    Sultry Eyes
    His bushy hair and loose-fitted button-ups are quite humorous to ogle over today. But those eyes will always be intoxicating.
    Image Via: Dawson's Creek Official Website.
  • Scruffy and Handsome 15 of 16
    Scruffy and Handsome
    Today, Joshua is a bona fide actor starring in a hit FOX series, 'Fringe.'
    Image Via: PR Photos.
  • Hollywood Elite 16 of 16
    Hollywood Elite
    Joshua is not a father, but has been dating actress Diane Kruger since 2006.
    Image Via: PR Photos.

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