Dax Shepard Stars in The Freebie: Will His Marriage to Kristen Bell Mirror The Freebie? (Video)

dax shepard parenthood the freebie
Dax Shepard stars in The Freebie

Dax Shepard’s star is seriously on the rise these days with the new film The Freebie coming out, a role on NBC’s Parenthood, and an engagement to actress Kristen Bell, everything is perfection for Dax Shepard.

Hard to believe that just seven years ago, Dax Shepard was playing along with Ashton Kutcher on MTV’s Punk’d, helping to make Kutcher’s celebrity pranking a reality.

What’s interesting about Dax Shepard is his move to more dramatic roles, like Parenthood and the his new indie film, The Freebie, which will be shown in limited release on Friday, September 17. In The Freebie, Dax Shepard stars with Kate Aselton they play a married couple who give each other a permission for a one night stand, in hopes of reigniting their relationship. The Freebie is an interesting film, as there was no defined script, only an outline. Dax Shepard shows off his improvisational skills, earning buzz for his heartfelt performance.

But will his marriage to Kristen Bell mirror The Freebie? I kid… this is just a movie, folks! Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell were engaged in January 2010, and so far have made no mention of when they’ll tie the knot. They definitely top the list of super-cute celeb couples though, don’t they?

As for Dax and Kristen baby news – well, no little one on the way yet, but they’ve been rumored to have had an interior designer plan a nursery! Love that planning!

Look for The Freebie in limited release Friday, before expanding markets in October watch the trailer below:

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