Day at Disney: Candace Cameron Bure Not as Mean as She Looks

candace cameron
Candace Cameron Bure enjoys a day at Disneyland

Candace Cameron Bure seems like such a fun mom! She headed to Disneyland this week with her kids.

Before she left, she tweeted “If you see me today, feel free to say hi! I’m not as mean as I look,” which makes me giggle because I thinks he looks like a total sweetheart.

Candace tweeted her excitement over getting a chocolate-covered banana and her kids getting a turkey leg and a Mickey sucker. It’s a lot about the food at amusement parks, isn’t it? Probably why Candace tweeted “I’m not kidding, the ice cream line is longer than the rides. I’m falling asleep”

As for the park itself, Candace said that it was really crowded and they were able to get on three rides in four hours.  Even the fast passes had a 5-6 hour wait time. By the end of the day, the celeb mom shared “My feet have let me know I’ve overstayed my welcome at Disneyland. Only a short hike to the car now – yeah right!”

candace cameron

candace cameron bure
Line for ice cream

Photos: Twitter

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