Deadly Mold? Is That What Killed Brittany Murphy and Simon Monjack


This is a story that makes you want to grab the Lysol and start scrubbing down all the walls.  The deaths of actress Brittany Murphy and Simon Monjack are now being investigated not by the police, not by the coroner but by the Department of Public Health. Why?

Because there is now some speculation that mold may have been a factor in their death. The cause of death for both of them was confirmed as pneumonia and the mold may have been a catalyst. The issue of the mold present in the house was brought up early in the investigation of Brittany’s death but was the said “not to be a contributing factor.”

After Simon died, the subject of the mold came up yet again but at the time Brittany’s mom Sharon wouldn’t let the authorities in to look at the mold, but she’s now had a change of heart and will be letting the Public Health investigators in to check it out. She’s currently in Europe but will be returning home, but hopefully she’ll be staying at a hotel instead of the house, I’d avoid that suspected killer mold if I were her.

Photo: Bauer Griffin

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