Explore Readers Get Anger In Defense Of Brett Favre



The readers of apparently haven’t heard of the old adage ‘don’t shoot the messenger.’ A handful of readers of’s piece on the Brett Favre scandal that included not just Brett’s alleged voice mail messages but also some very inappropriate photographs. Some readers came to Favre’s defense saying that there wasn’t proof that the man featured in the recording and photos was actually Favre. Others questioned the journalist integrity of the site. And some worried about Favre’s family and how this all affected them. But one thing for sure, those commentors were passionate! Check out some of the (cleaner and less profanity ridden) highlights here.

“Your source data is that of hacks and fat people eating a pound of taco bell at 3am.”

“how does a person waist there lives leaching off other peoples f%&k ups even look at themselves in the mirror. your parents should be embarrassed of you.”

“Get a life, you must be some geek loser who loves star trek… My problem is this man has a family with children and you have pressed to drag this story on when the young lady didn’t want to go with it. Your a low class bottom feeder that gets enjoyment out of ruining other peoples lives, your a disgrace and so is dead spin. Do something good with your life instead of bringing a good man down that helps people less fortunate. And the star trek comment is because you strike me as a guy who probably still lives at home with your mommy and goes to star trek conventions with your nerd herd. Viking nation never forgets….trust me!”

“You have absolutely no solid proof of the Brett Favre scandal. It’s only obvious how intentional and desperate this story represents your classless website. If you want numbers for your website, go to a search engine optimization specialist, Im sure they could help out.”

“YOU are a little weak, pathetic weasel, who probably doesn’t have 1 fragment of athletic ability in him.”

“You are just another example of why I hate the world we live in today. You’re possibly destroying someone’s family for personal and financial gain. You’re basically a sleazy private investigator who puts their dirt on a website. Congrats, gumshoe, you’re a scumbag.”

You can check out all the comments, if you dare right here and here.

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