Dean McDermott Admits That His Family Takes Group Showers Together


76878PCN_Dean02Well here’s a topic that either parents are totally comfortable talking about, or not at all. According to Tori Spelling’s husband Dean McDermott, their family takes group showers together. He recently tweeted:

“@Deanracer & I just had our 1st family shower w/all 4 babes. Went really well & saved on individual bath time! & only 1 babe pooped N shower.”

While there really is no harm in parents taking baths with their children while they are still babies (especially when they can’t sit up right just yet), I think there might be an age where the whole shower and bath thing showed stop, or at least when the children are old enough to have a clear memory of their parents in the buff, at least from below the waist. I think it’s completely fine when a daughter might still take an occasional shower with their mom or a young son with his father, but when everyone comes in together, it might just get weird and maybe a little inappropriate, too.

Now of course each family is different and many people might have differing opinions on the topic, but is it really necessary for Dean to tell the world about their group shower? While it’s great that their saving water (what perfect timing since it was World Water Day this weekend), this might be a little TMI in my opinion, especially with the poop part, too. Some family moments just should be kept within the family, right? What do you think, Babble readers?

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