Dean McDermott and Tori Spelling Will Have More Kids


It looks as though Dean McDermott and wife, Tori Spelling, will be giving their kids, Liam and Stella, a sibling or two in the future. Dean was interviewed by Fox’s Good Day LA, and was asked whether he and Tori would be expanding their family, to which he replied, “Yeah, yeah”, with a smile on his face.

Was he smiling at the thought of having more babies with Tori, or is another little McDermott possibly already on the way?  Son Liam is 3 years old, and daughter Stella, is 2, so now would be the perfect time for another addition to their family.

Back in June, Dean wound up in the hospital with a collapsed lung after a motorcycle accident. He talked about how scary the incident was and said, “When I hit and I couldn’t get air in or out, all I could think of was my kids.”

I sure hope that he thought about all of his kids at that moment, though we rarely hear about his two children with his ex wife, Mary Jo Eustace.

The scare made him wise up and realize that with two little ones at home, riding around on his hog probably isn’t the best idea.

Tori has put her foot down, and Dean has assured her that he won’t be hopping on another motorcycle anytime soon.

Ditching the bike will certainly leave plenty more time for baby making, don’t you think?

Photo:  Pacific Coast News