Dean McDermott: Recovering and Treating Kids to Homemade Ice Cream


Dean McDermott is making big strides in his recovery since the motorcycle accident that landed him in the hospital. McDermott, who is married to Tori Spelling and has two kids with her, Liam and Stella, suffered a punctured lung following his accident and was out of commission for sometime.

But not only is he now up and moving, he’s also spending some good quality time with his kids. The actor tweeted on Wednesday that he was “Making ice cream with the kids,” and included a photo of the three enjoying their special treat.

McDermott and the little ones made Pink Princess Kit Kat Chunk Supreme, and McDermott noted, “Stella got to pick the color.” It seems McDermott’s near-death accident did have a silver lining: He’s clearly valuing spending time with his family.