Dean Sheremet and LeAnn Rimes Married Young: Is That Why They Never Had Kids?

Leann Rimes Dean Sheremet
Dean Sheremet & LeAnn Rimes in happier times

LeAnn Rimes has since moved on from husband Dean Sheremet with Eddie Cibrian, but after spending nearly seven years together, we can’t help but wonder why they never started a family.

Dean and LeAnn married when he was only 21 and she was only 19, and now Rimes is opening up and saying that their young ages had a lot to do with why the marriage didn’t work out. They were basically kids themselves when they tied the knot, so starting a family probably would’ve been tough for them.

Sheremet met Rimes when he worked as a back-up dancer for her show, and they seemed so happy and in love, but she now says that as they got older, they “grew apart.”

I guess growing apart is a more acceptable way of saying that she fell in love with her co-star, Eddie Cibrian, while she was still married to Dean and decided to go ahead and have an affair with him.

Yeah, it’s probably a good thing that Dean and LeAnn never had kids. She can barely manage being a stepmom right now.

Photo: PRPhotos