Deanna Favre Pictures - One Thing Comes to Mind (PHOTOS)


Deanna Favre

Deanna Favre didn’t dish on the Brett Favre scandal when visiting Good Morning America on Thursday. She stayed on topic and when the topic did veer from the topic of her book, “The Cure for the Chronic Life: Overcoming the Hopelessness That Holds You Back,” she quickly got back on track saying, “has gotten me through many difficult struggles. It will get me through this one, and that’s the reason Shane [Stanford, the book’s co-author] and I wrote the book …”

But it really is on the forefront of everyone’s minds when she is seen. Just one look at photos of Deanna Favre on the internet and one thing is noticeable… That Jenn Sterger looks a wee bit like Deanna Favre. The same kind of features, the same skin tone, the same brunette locks. Is it just a coincidence or does Brett Favre just have a ‘type’ or maybe Brett just misguidedly wanted a younger version of the same model? It’s a bit creepy for sure.

What do you think, do you think? Check out these photos below of Deanna Favre, does she look like Jenn Sterger to you?

Jenn below

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