Deanna Favre: Should She Forgive Brett?


deannafavrebrettfavrescandalSure nothing has been proven for absolute, utmost certain that the naughty shots of below the belt private parts sent to Jenn Sterger’s phone were from the actual, real, authentic Brett Favre, but it’s pretty obvious that he did indeed send them.

If you were married to Brett or if you found out your husband was sending those sort of images to another woman and possibly hitting on two other women (let’s say massage therapists, shall we?) would you forgive him?

The couple has kids and grand kids. Deanna obviously loves Brett. Nothing actually happened because Jenn said no, but still…are there other women who haven’t said anything to the press but said yes to Brett?

It’s not just cheating either. At this point in the relationship Deanna has put up with a lot. Back in the mid ’90’s after she gave birth to their first child out of wedlock they reportedly had a strained relationship.  He was just beginning to rise in his career and he was battling an addiction to vicodin and she put up with it! She even married him. Then he had a drinking problem and she put up with it! Sure he cleaned up and supposedly changed his ways, but these new allegations show he may not have changed that much.

What do you think Deanna should do?