Dear Tori Spelling: Thanks, But No Thanks For The Post-Baby Body Bikini Photos


1366211264_tori-spelling-bikini-467In the latest issue of Us Weekly, celebrity mother-of-four and Hollywood actress Tori Spelling dons a purple bikini alongside her two younger children, Hattie and Fynn, with the headline, “Tori Spelling Debuts Bikini Body, 45-Pound Weight Loss Post-Baby.” In the photo, Tori has one hand on her hip while the other holds Finn and is smiling proudly to the camera while her children looking nothing less but terrified.

The 39-year-old actress has spent the majority of the last five years pregnant, with her body going up and down in weight with each pregnancy. I mean, the picture is fine, she looks good and everything, but what bothers me is some of the things she says, like this snippet right here:

“I feel like I took off the weight safely, and I’m totally happy here,” Spelling reveals to Us. One astounding fact: Despite her incredibly flat, toned midsection, Spelling can’t do situps or lunges for at least a year following her surgery. “I think my stomach went back pretty well!” she tells Us. 

So I guess we’re to believe that not only is Tori’s life with her kids perfect, but so is her post-baby body after birthing out for children. Anyone who has been following the world of celebrity moms has quite clearly seen this before. We’ve heard it from Kourtney Kardashian, Snooki, Kendra Wilkinson, the Teen Moms, and anyone else who is willing to pose in a bikini for an airbrushed-photo shoot and a paycheck. Everyone is every shade of perfect.

Simply put, we’re over this.

What I would like to see is more celebrities who are not only embracing their new post-baby mom curves, but the jelly in their belly and the junk in the trunk that come with it. These magazines that are lambasting celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Jessica Simpson for gaining too much weight during their pregnancies are also the ones that are putting people like Tori on their cover, giving readers the false sense of idolism towards these women who usually only achieve such weight-loss goals with the help of their personal trainers and chefs at home.

So, Tori, and every other celebrity who wants to parade their new bikini bodies on the cover of magazines, I’ve got this to say: put your clothes back on. You’re more than just a bikini, Tori, you’re a wonderful mother and a great, creative crafter who I love getting ideas and party tips from. It’s a been there, done that topic and I think we as mothers are not only completely over it, but bored with it, too.

Photo via Us Weekly

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