Debbie Reynolds On Elizabeth Taylor Stealing Her Husband


Elizabeth Taylor would seemingly do anything for love. It did not seem to matter to her that her relationship would cause a nationwide scandal. But that’s just what happened when Elizabeth Taylor stole away Debbie Reynolds husband Eddie Fisher, the infamous singer.

What did Debbie Reynolds say of her romantic rival Elizabeth Taylor?

Her husband Eddie Fisher was on tour and Debbie Reynolds called her best friend Elizabeth Taylor. When she called her room, she was very shocked to hear Eddie’s voice answering it.

She said, “Suddenly, a lot of things clicked into place,’ she recalled. ‘I could hear her voice asking him who was calling – they were obviously in bed together. I yelled at him, “Roll over, darling and let me speak to Elizabeth”.

He wasn’t far from home and rushed to Reynolds saying. “I’m sorry, Elizabeth and I are in love and I want a divorce.”

Debbie said she replied, “If you marry her, she will throw you out within 18 months.” And she was right, adding, “And Elizabeth did get rid of him, just as I had warned, when she met Richard Burton on the set of Cleopatra.”

She also noted that, “I might not have been as surprised were it anyone else. But how it all happened was rather scandalous in that they didn’t take more care to avoid hurting me. I understand when I look back on it. Who would pass by Elizabeth? No woman living was as beautiful as her. And Eddie had even tried to act like Mike Todd, smoking big cigars.

She was emotionally destroyed saying, “I was a virgin when I married Eddie, but Elizabeth had been married three times. I was devastated because I had two children. I was very religious so I didn’t believe in divorce, but they laid guilt on me that I was keeping them and true love apart. So, I finally let Eddie off the hook. I told him to go.”

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