Debbie Rowe Gets A Million Dollar Payoff


MICHAEL JACKSONDebbie Rowe has her cake and can eat it too. She will be getting her $4 million. It’s part of her spousal agreement with Michael Jackson.

She will continue to get the money that Michael was paying her. The family has begrudgingly agreed to keep the status quo.

“The parties have neither sought nor agreed to any compensation to be exchanged, apart from the continuation of spousal support payments that had previously been personally agreed to between Michael Jackson and Deborah Rowe,” lawyers for both sides said.

Debbie Rowe was really at the mercy of Michael’s family. She had no written statement proving the yearly payments, so this situation could have gone either way. She had to have some sort of proof, bank statements or some such thing.

She will get to have supervised visits with the kids. I don’t know if she had visitation privileges before, so this could be a new development for her.